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Install and maintain

Cloth in:2015-01-23    Hits:6309

 Pay attention to the point

From the point of use, to ensure bearing can work reliably should pay attention to the following:

1, improve the quality of lubrication, control oil pressure, temperature and flow rate, strengthen the oil filtration.

2, conform to the provisions of the fuel and lubricating oil.

3, control the temperature of the diesel generator set, in the case of overheating too cold work will be unfavourable. Cold day, should be preheated before starting of diesel engine, with the hand cranking make the oil into the friction surface.

4, bearing and shaft neck surface quality and geometry must be strictly guaranteed.

5, bearing clearance should be appropriate, generating set too big impact, poor lubrication is too small, may burn.

How to ensure reliable bearing work

Generally speaking in terms used should pay attention to the following:

1. The bearing clearance should proper, too big impact, poor lubrication is too small, may burn tile;

2. The surface quality of the bearing and shaft neck and geometry must be strictly guaranteed;

3. Improve the quality of lubrication, control oil pressure, temperature and flow rate, strengthen the oil filtration;

4. The use of fuel and lubricating oil.

To make the bearings and keep its long-term performance into full play, must earnestly to do regular maintenance (check). Through proper periodic inspection, do early detection of fault, prevent accident arrangement is very important to increase productivity and efficiency.

The installation


The installation of the bearing is correct, affects the precision, life and performance. Therefore, design and assembly department for the installation of the bearing be fully studied. Hope to work in accordance with the standards for installation. Operation standard project usually is as follows:

(1) clean bearings and bearing parts

(2) check the size of the interrelated parts and finish machining

(3) the installation

(4) the installed bearing after inspection

(5) the supply of lubricant

Hope before the installation, just open the bearing packing. General grease lubrication, cleaning, not directly fill grease. Lubricating oil, ordinary also don't have to be clean, but, instrument using or high speed bearings, etc., to be washed with clean oil, remove rust inhibitor) on the bearing. Remove the rust inhibitor of bearing, easy to rust, so cannot be placed. Also, has the bearing grease sealed, not directly use cleaning.

Bearing installation method, because the bearing structure, cooperate, conditions vary, in general, as more as the axis of rotation, so the inner circle need interference fit. Cylindrical hole bearing, multi-purpose press pressure into, or multi-purpose hot charging method. Taper hole, installed directly on the taper shaft, or use the socket installation.

When installed on the shell, clearance fit more commonly, outer ring have surplus quantity, usually use the pressure into the press and or have shrink fit method of cooling after installation. Use dry ice as coolant, shrink fit installation, the moisture in the air condenses on the surface of bearing. So, need a good rust prevention measures.



Remove the

The removal of bearing is a regular maintenance, bearing replacement. After disassembly, if continue to use, or need to check the status of bearing, the disassembly will also done carefully and installation. Careful not to damage the bearing parts, especially interference fit the bearing down, and the operation is difficult.

According to the need to design disassembly tool is also very important. When disassembly, removal methods, according to drawing order, with the investigation and bearing conditions, foolproof for disassembly operations.

Outer ring of the removal of interference fit of the outer ring, whether in setting several outer shell on the circumference of a circle of extrusion screw with screws, one side equal to tighten the screw, remove. The screw hole cover usual blind plug, the separation of tapered roller bearing type bearing, blocking the crust shoulders set out several incisions, use block, remove by press, or tap the disassembly.

Remove the inner ring, can use the press out the simplest. At this time, must pay attention to the inner ring under the pulling force. Moreover, as shown in the pull-out fixture also is to use more, regardless of the fixture, it must be firmly stuck inside. For this, we need to consider the size of the axle gear shoulder, or research on block shoulders processing groove, in order to use drawing fixture.

Remove the oil pressure method is used to large bearing inner circle. By setting the bearing of hydraulic oil hole, in order to make easy to pull out. Width of the bearing is oil pressure method and drawing fixture and disassembly operations.

Cylindrical roller bearing inner ring remove can take advantage of the induction heating method. In a short time heating the local, make the inner ring expansion after drawing method. Need to install a large number of this type of bearing inner ring, also use induction heating method.


Bearing will be removed when check, use first method such as photography and then record the appearance. In addition, to confirm the amount of residual lubricant and lubricant sampling, and then clean the bearing.

A, bearing cleaning divided into rough washing and fine washing, can be put in use at the bottom of the container and on the metal frame.

B, rough washing, oil using a brush to remove grease or adhesive. If at this time in oil bearing, pay attention to the rolling surface due to foreign bodies such as damage.

C, fine cleaning, slowly rotating bearings in the oil, must be carefully.

Commonly used cleaning agent for neutral aqueous diesel or kerosene, according to the need to sometimes use warm lye, etc. No matter use which kinds of detergent, often should filter clean.

After cleaning, coating anticorrosive oil or antirust grease on the bearing immediately.

Checking and judging

To determine remove the bearing can be reused, to inspect the dimension precision, rotating accuracy, internal clearance and mating surface, raceway surface, cage and seal rings etc. Large bearing can't rotate with the hand, pay attention to check the rolling element and raceway surface, cage, guard surface appearance, such as the importance of bearing high must check carefully.

The cause of fever and its elimination method

Low bearing precision: choose regulation accuracy levels of bearing.

Different heart: main shaft bending or casing hole repair spindle or box.

Bad lubrication: choose brand lubricating materials and proper clean.

Assembly quality is low, improve the quality of assembly.

Bearing inner shell run laps: replace the bearing wear and related parts.

Axial force is too large, cleaning, adjustment seal mouth ring clearance requirement between 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm, correcting impeller balance hole diameter and check static equilibrium value.

Bearing damaged, replace the bearing.


Bearing in the factory are coated with the right amount of anti-rust oil and antirust paper, as long as the packaging is not damaged, the quality of the bearing will be guaranteed. But long stored in humidity below 65%, the temperature is 20 ℃ about conditions, the shelf in 30 cm above the ground is advisable. In addition, the place should avoid direct sunlight or of safekeeping and touch the walls of the cold.

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