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Bearing material

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The characteristics of the bearing steel:

A, contact fatigue strength

Bearing under the action of cyclic load, the contact fatigue damage appearance very easily attack, which cracked spalling, this is the important bearing damage situation. Therefore, in order to advance the use of the bearing life, bearing steel with high contact fatigue strength.

Second, the wear-resisting performance

Task, bearing ring, rolling body and maintain not only attacks rolling friction between sliding friction and will attack, so that the bearing parts have been to wear. In order to increase the wear of the bearing parts, to maintain accuracy of bearing stability, extend using life, bearing steel should have good wear resistance.

Three, hardness

Hardness is one of the important quality of bearing quality, the contact fatigue strength, wear resistance, the influence of the elastic limit is indirect. Under the condition of bearing steel in using the hardness of the individual to reach HRC61 ~ 65, the ability to win bearing high contact fatigue strength and wear resistance.

Fourth, rust resistance

In order to avoid the bearing parts and finished products during the course of processing, depositing and using eroded rust, request bearing steel should have good rust resistance.

Five, the processing performance

Bearing parts in the consumption process, passes through many cold and hot working process, in order to satisfied with a small volume, high effectiveness, high quality request, bearing steel should have good processing performance. For example, the cold and hot forming properties, machinability, hardenability, etc.

Bearing steel in addition to the above basic request, should also reach the appropriate chemical composition, external organization on average, less non-metallic dopant, external appearance defect with specifications and appearance is not beyond the rules of the concentration of the decarburization layer requests.

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