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GQZ provides various secures and cost-efficient packaging solutions to make sure that our products can obtain the most important protection and preservation. Our purpose is to provide the packaging for you to comply with your shipping and production requirements... to help you act more efficiently and cost effective. The following are some examples of custom packaging from GQZ, including:

  • Individual Box: Each bearing is placed in an individual plGQZic bag or plGQZic-faced brown paper and then placed in individual boxes. Each box can be labeled with information per customer's request.
  • Vial Pack: Miniature and Instrument bearings are normally packaged 10 bearings or more in clear, sealed plGQZic vials.
  • Pill Pack: Bearings are individually packaged in plGQZic compartments 10 or more compartments per strip. The bearing number, customer part number, lubrication and date can be marked on the face of each compartment.
  • Kraft Foil Pack: Each bearing is sealed in a plGQZic bag which is then hermetically sealed in a kraft foil bag, per Mil-B-197 Method 1A-18.
  • Blister Pack: Each bearing is hermetically sealed in a plGQZic bubble, 10 bubbles per sheet in accordance with Mil-B-197C Method 1A-18.
  • Coin Wrap: The larger ABEC 1 and ABEC 3 bearings are normally packaged 10 bearings or more in plGQZic-faced brown paper rolls.

Other types of packaging will be considered with requirements of each custmers. You can contact us with your packaging requirements and expect how GQZ can provide you "value beyond the part."

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