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Technical Support

Our competences
Each program is special and unparalleled,when it comes to industry, applications, demands, size and financial possibilities,every customer differ from each other. GQZ Engineering Consultancy Services gathers the correct knowledge and instruments together and brings them into a offer made tailoredly after discussing with each customer.

Application expertise
GQZ has the experience of rotating equipment and interrelating machine components for over 100 years, in each important industry all over the world. GQZ Engineering Consultancy Services works based on a large number of various customer applications and company sizes every day, having a range from industrial to automotive industries and aerospace to racing industries. Every team member in GQZ Engineering Consultancy Services is experienced engineer, and many of them have a background in application engineering.

Calculations and computer simulations
Useful simulation tools are of great importance,in order to help customers contrast alternative designs, verifying existing and new machines, finding out root causes of failing machines. Both GQZ propriety and commercial tools can be used by us to verify if a bearing arrangement meets the functional needs, as an example that it has been correctly dimensioned and that reliable operation is gained on a basis of practical operating conditions.

Lubrication engineering and tribology
GQZ Engineering Consultancy Services has been includes in lubrication advises because of complicated applications,for instance,marine propulsion, vacuum pumps, and off-shore wind turbines. There are some other typical activities,such as lubrication analysis of tested or failing applications, checking for the situation of the used lubricants and chemical elements and contaminants in lubricants.

Material analysis
GQZ Engineering Consultancy Services can make an analysis of the operating and lubrication conditions of bearings; in the process of testing, in production or after failure. To make a conclusion and to recommend for changes and enhancements that required,visual inspection is often enough .If necessary,additional advanced techniques to predict remaining life with X-Ray diffraction can be employed by us,as well as evaluate bearing surface conditions and elements with the use of Scanning Electron Microscopes.

Problem solving
The failure analysis process of us reveals the reason why the expected designs do not work, making it possible for designers to troubleshoot problems with truths. We combines approach with theoretical analysis, material science, computer simulations and experience obtained from situations with similarities. Putting the “Design for Six Sigma” methodology into use can help to make sure that the facts are combined in a proven, systematic and effective way.
GQZ’s experience of rotating equipment and world-class testing facilities for more than 100 years can support GQZ Engineering Consultancy Services ,a project manager is also appointed to offer help in order to ensure your agreed-upon deliverables.

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