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Self-aligning Ball Bearings

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when it comes to the Self-aligning Ball Bearings, we may trace the origin of it .Although it is designed by other manufacturers, but GQZ better optimization were carried out. Traditionally, spherical roller bearings have been used in supercalendar spreader rolls as they were the only self-aligning bearings available in the sizes required. The GQZ range includes large self-aligning ball bearings with identical boundary dimensions to the spherical roller bearings. GQZ self-aligning ball bearings will reduce friction considerably, helping mills to: Extend relubrication intervals and reduce maintenance. Improve supercalender availability; Eliminate paper quality problems caused by bearing heat generation。 To facilitate procurement and to provide the correct bearing/sleeve combination, GQZ offers the most popular self-aligning ball bearings together with the suitable adapt sleeve as a kit 。 GQZ self-aligning ball bearings are also available in a sealed version with contact seals at both sides - designation suffix . These sheet steel reinforced seals are made of oil and wear-resistant acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR). The permissible operating temperature range for these seals is –40 to +100 °C and up to +120 °C for brief periods. The seal lip contacts a smooth chamfer on the inner ring with light pressure. Here are some details about self-aligning ball bearings: It has two rows of balls and a common sphered raceway in the outer ring. The bearings are consequently self-aligning and insensitive to shaft deflections and angular misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing. Additionally, self-aligning ball bearings generate less friction than any other type of rolling bearing, which enables them to run cooler even at high speeds. Self-aligning ball bearings are available with either a cylindrical or tapered bore. Bearings with a tapered bore can be mounted directly on a shaft or on an adapter or withdrawal sleeve. GQZ self-aligning ball bearings are available in several designs, including: Open, basic design, bearings . Sealed, with contact seals on both sides . Open bearings with an extended inner ring.

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