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Pillow Block Bearings

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There are various types of Pillow Block Bearings, in spite of the numerous and complicated, but the Pillow Block Bearings characteristics are consistent. GQZ arrange ushering bearing is mainly refers to GQZ insert ball bearings, outer spherical bearing are divided into outer spherical bearing and bearing fluctuation two parts. When use, don’t have other bearing box design, small size, simple structure, convenient use, can be directly used bolt design on the main part, easy to use. Bearing for the overall structure, large carrying capacity, strong pressure resistance, bearing and the bearing can be removed, a bearing can be used with different bearing, strong adaptability, high plasticity, namely the same bearing can install various types of bearings; GQZ insert ball bearing unit can work under the condition of the two bearing coaxial, maximum Angle of automatic adjustment of 2 °. As is known to all, GQZ insert ball bearing unit is very convenient to use, the inner diameter, use the "+" tolerance, formed by axial clearance fit, through the inner ring on the side of the top wire, eccentric set or set set, the bearings fixed on the shaft, reduces the accuracy requirement of shaft, so install or replace the imported bearing is extremely convenient. GQZ set-contained spherical bearing maintenance is also very simple, is not as easy as general bearing damage, in terms of the selection of grease, we recommend for pre-filled grease, commonly used form of double or triple lip seal, suitable for dust, mud, corrosive medium more occasions use, beneficial to the host. GQZ set-contained spherical bearing of another big advantage is that good rotation accuracy; Lubrication again easily. Clearance is the same size deep groove ball bearings, and temperature difference smaller influence on its precision. To sum up, the company general GQZ arrange ushering a few big characteristics of bearing, available to customers when the choose and buy can refer to reference.

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