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Service Process

Analysis of Client Requirements - Asset Management
Find the place you are, and find the place you should be. The Requirements Analysis of the GQZ Client starts with a survey containing 40 questions,and this convey offers a snapshot of the maintenance situation in your workshops. GQZ and the most important members of orgainzation will conduct the surcey together. There are some other fields of industry-specific maintenance and reliability that we should pay attention to, in this way`we can make an analysis according to your demands.

Maintenance Strategies Review
We need this process to make sure that the maintenance you are conducting is right, and the equipment is right, the time is right, the resources are right,and it is aimed at the correct reasons.
The following items should be included in ultimate goals:
  • Decreasing the damage and losses of equipment
  • Increasing the practicability and reliability
  • Adjusting maintenance efforts to business requirements
  • Decreasing costs of holistic maintenance in a sustainable manner

Planned Maintenance Routines
When your organizations take asset management as a business-crucial part, you should find GQZ to configure, sustain and assist deploy a planned maintenance routine.
A planned maintenance routine can bring a lot of benefits, include:
  • Improvement in uptime
  • Increased resource productivity
  • Greater reliability of existing capacity
  • Enhanced personnel satisfaction by meeting production targets and business goals
Plan and schedule effectively can bring efficient Planned Maintenance Routines,which is provided by a maintenance strategy review ,and it can be included by a new or existing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM).

Work Planning and Scheduling
The daily maintenance's planning and scheduling, along with the turnaround planning is an important part of each industrial manufacturing operation.If date planning function is well structured ,it will save lots of time for you and reduce your money spent in maintenance operations. Besides, it will also influence positively on your safety and environmental KPI´s in the way of decreasing the unexpected.
Planned work is the only one that can be arranged effectively . Effective scheduling represents reduction in free time between planned work packages. It will also show every planned work to the right craftspeople in advance .
Work Planning and Scheduling includes, for example:
  • Work process management
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Work evaluation (scope & time)
  • Turnaround & daily planning
  • The fundamentals of planning work
  • Scheduling & Back log management & Continues improvement
  • Utilization of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) in planning & scheduling

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability
Optimum life cycle cost management, Our Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) methodology can analysize the expected system performance on a basis of system design , operations and maintenance comprehensively.
For life cycle expense and asset management projects,RAM is a vital part. The reliability and availability of system and/or specific equipment are used to be evaluated by the RAM models,in consideration of plant specific data and/or industry specific reliability and maintainability data sources, if no data from the plant is available. RAM include the following outputs:
  • System and/or equipment criticality
  • Projection of future operation availability
  • Inherent system reliability and availability
  • Design changes focusing on cost implications through cost/benefit analysis

Risk Based Inspection
GQZ provodes a deep expertise with the purpose of defining correct inspection technique and frequency of pipelines and static vessels on the foundation of damage mechanical results and possibi;ity of failure.
In the way of testing risks which include failure consequences, remaining life prediction and equipment deployment, GQZ generates optimum inspection projects for maximum results.
For the sake of complying with industry specifications and legislation,corrosion management and inspection intervals optimization will be contained in the analysis.

Root Cause Analysis
In order to prevent recurrence,it's necessary to identify the real root cause of failure and actions.Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a process that can identify the revelant events which should take responsibility for machine failures and make use of that information to define correct actions to stop failures in the future. The process researches three typical and basic types of failure causes:
  • Physical or technical
  • Human errors of omission or commission
  • Organizational systems, operating procedures and decision-making
According to the analysis, GQZ publishes a report on failure causes and effects, as well as a integrated plan of methods to prevent recurrence.
One of the reliable sections of the Proactive Reliability Maintenance and Integrated Maintenance Solutions contracts is RCA and it's also the driver for continuous improvement.

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